royal palm x blue palm

blue palms also carry a narragansett gene
when you are not sure what you get when you cross certain turkeys
you can always ask kevin porter, he is always happy to let you know
what results you get by crossing two different breeds
on kevins porter website which is
you can see that blue palms have blue slate/self blue genes
royal palm genes and narragansett genes also
also you can always ask porter if you can mail him some
feathers of your turkeys, have a great day
also join the turkey color genetics group on to get great info
or the rare heritage turkeys group on
All Plam colors carry the Narragansett gene and the Black Wing Bronze gene. The only difference in a Royal Palm and a Blue Palm is a single Dilute gene (Dd) in the blue palms.
i went back to the website where it says royal palm
and it did say that royal palms also carry a narragansett gene
they carry black wing bronze gene and also narragansett
sorry omabird you right
They will look just like these that I breed.
Omabird is right. You will get about half blue palms and half royals.

If you are not familiar with the nomenclature of genetics, royal palms have two black-wing bronze genes, written as b1b1. Each parnet contributes one b1 gene. They also have two palm genes, written cgcg, where each palm gene is one cg. They also have two narragansett genes, each written as ng. Royal palms also have two "not blue" genes, written as dd. So a Royal Palm is b1b1cgcgngngdd.

Blue palms are similar, except they are b1b1cgcgngngDd. They have one blue gene and one not blue gene.

When you breed the two together, the royal pam parent contributes b1cgngd, and the blue palm contributes bicgngD or b1cgngd.

The offspring that get the D from the blue palm parent will look like blue palms and the offspring that get the d from the blue palm parent will look like royal palms.

Birds that are b1b1cgcgngngDD are also called blue palms (See Porter's heritage turkeys website). If these breed with royal palms, all the offspring will have Dd, and look like blue palms.
according to kevin you will get mottled blacks and mottled slate types
from this cross, he said to keep all the mottled hens and breeed them back
to a royal palm tom, also if you breed the mottled slates to the mottled black
you can get some blue palms
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No go back and read what you asked. You said " royal palm tom is cross with a blue slate hen". This is a royal palm and blue palm cross. Big difference.

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