Royal Palms - Hatchery vs Breeder


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Oct 1, 2008
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In the chicken world, there are usually tremendous differences in hatchery birds compared to stock from a good breeder. Are RP turkeys the same?

I hatched 5 poults and was wondering when they grow up how to tell how good (or not) they are.
The hatchery birds that I have bought where of excellent quality. I have odered most of my birds from Sandhill. They where larger and of better meat quality than the birds I got from breeders. Some breeders do not know how to properly cull their birds. They are on some mission to just line breed with out any eye for a good bred bird. There is some good breeders but just because they are not a hatchery does not make the birds better. one private breeder I could recomend is Frank Reese. He has some of the best birds for meat and show. Ask Alot of questions when you get birds. Some so called breeders are selling the offspring of hatchery birds. So do you think that make a bird any different? Now if they bought 100 or more birds and only kept the very best 5 to 10 birds for breeding then they might be great birds.
you got to remeber alot of breeders breed to standard an color where hatcheries work towards size size size.if you want a good looking bird breed to standard i would go with a breeder.if you want big meat bird would say just buy hatchery bird if your just going to eat them anyways.just remember you get what you pay for.i would say if you want rp pm steve he knows his stuff an has some great looking very warry of people who never show you picks of there birds prob because the birds look like crap an are keeped in poor condtions.good luck jim
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What hatcheries have you ordered from? Do you have pictures of these poor bred Royal Palms?
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I would love to see any comparason pictures? Breeder vs Hatchery. Adult pictures only. Poults are all cute.

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