Rubber egg stuck


6 Years
Mar 13, 2013
Kersey, Pennsylvania
I noticed one of my leghorn girls acting weird. She was all puffed up moving her tail like she was laying an egg except she wasn't sitting down, she was standing. And it was outside the coop. I got behind her and noticed a white thing hanging from her...Looks to be a rubbery shell...Is there anything special I need to do? Just pull it out slowly? We are going to catch her when she goes to bed to help her out some if she hasn't gotten it out yet. This is the first time this has happened. We usually mix a scoop or two of oyster shells in with their food btut I think we are also going to offer it separately so they can eat it as they need it.
Well I got most of it out, I was gently pulling it out and it broke off and the remaining got sucked back up into her vent. will it just come out when she l ays an egg tomorrow? or will this cause more problems? please let me kknow if I need to do anythign else...thanks
You can take a rubber glove, and insert a finger 1-2 inches into the vent (aim upward toward the reproductive tract) and try to retrieve any remnants of the membrane or shell. If you have any crushed egg shells, they love those as a treat for extra calcium.

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