rubberized flannel fabric


10 Years
Sep 27, 2009
OBX, NC (Roanoke Island)
You remember the stuff. Used it under baby as a spit catcher in the crib or placed it on your good bedspread as a diaper changing place. It used to be available in the baby aisle in 15-18 inch squares and sometimes crib sized pieces. I found it once at the fabric store by the yard. Well, I can't find it anywhere anymore. I must have purchased all this are had to offer through the thrift stores, too. I am allergic to nearly all feminine hygiene product on the market. I use the rubberized flannel iside the pads I make myself.

I would like to find a half yard of it, but the individual squares that Gerber used to sell would be great too.

You might want to try checking out some cloth diapering resources. They use a similar fabric called "PUL" or polyurethane laminate.

Good luck!

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