rubbery eggshell?


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Mar 1, 2009
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my pullets have just started laying, and one of them laid a rubbery soft eggshell- is that normal?
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yes, they will lay some soft shell eggs initially. Are you giving them free choice oyster shell and laying feed? If not, start now that they are laying.
I agree.... I have new layers and I got a soft shell yesterday. I am feeding them layer feed and they have free choice Oyster Shells around the clock. I think it is part of getting started and it just happens sometimes.
i was hoping that was the case, sure was weird looking!
My Rhode Island Red who has been laying for about two weeks now just layed a rubber soft shell egg and then started picking at it. This happened while I was petting her at 7:00 at night! Very strange. Her other eggs have been in the nest box and have been fine. I sometimes find some "gunk" in the coop and I am wondering if my other chicks are laying soft shell eggs as well. I give they layer pellet and some veggies as well as they forage a couple hours a day in my garden. Should I worry?
Wow, am I relieved! Just found a rubber egg in the nest box, first one from our flock. Think it might be from the runt, she just started laying, the others started about 8 weeks ago. We have had the oyster shell out for them, have to refill it every other day!
all right yall just got 4 new hens from an auction yesterday and the only egg I got this morning was rubbery shell the fella I bought them from said there around a year old and they laid an egg in he holding pen can the strss of moving them cause this

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