Ruen hen burying eggs in nest box--Broody wanna be?


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Sep 9, 2009
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I posted awhile back wondering if Rouen hens tend to go broody. I didn't get a lot of response and am still confused--a fairly common condition I'm afraid. Anyhow my Rouen hen who has been laying for a bout 3-weeks now has started to bury her eggs in the shavings that I use in the nest box. This behavior is making me wonder if she is trying to collect a clutch, but she has eggs going in two different boxes so my confusion continues to grow...

Thank you.
I'm not sure that that's broody behavior. I've had ducks bury their eggs in the past, and they've never gone broody. If she decides to go broody, you'll know it - she won't get off the eggs.
Thank you. Can you tell me if they are like chickens in that letting them collect a clutch makes no difference in whether or not they go broody or do ducks need a nest full of eggs to get the urge?
Thank you. Can you tell me if they are like chickens in that letting them collect a clutch makes no difference in whether or not they go broody or do ducks need a nest full of eggs to get the urge?

I can't answer for other breeds but muscovy tend to go broody on a nest full. BUT when her eggs have disappeared I have seen them settle for even 1 or two eggs.
Thank you. I've been collecting them, though she managed to keep a few for an extra day or so by hiding them. I think I'll just start leaving them for a week or two and see what happens. Temps. here are ranging from the low 30's to the upper 50's and should stay close to that for the next couple of weeks so if I'm going to experiment this is probably a good time to do it.
I have Cayuga, Crested, and Runner hens. Everytime I go out there, they are always starting a new clutch... Sadly they never sit on the eggs....
Ahhhh duck's can be so confusing.I started out with Pekin's.One of my hen's the first year I had her made a nest in around an old stump.She had like 16 egg's in there she had been kinda hidden with them so didn't really know she was there.Thought she had done met with fox.Well We didn't touch the nest or anything I would put some corn for her about 15 ft. from the nest and she sat the egg's for over 2 week's! Then she went to pond to water and just left the egg's
.I had 4 toulouse geese sit a clutch of 16 egg's and they took turn's covering the egg's constantly with hay, and none of them hatched .They were young and We had 4 drakes at the time but they just weren't fertile but those geese sure would take a nip at ya if ya went near that pile lol.I alway's wanted a duck to hatch her own and watch them follow the mama's but, seem's I had mama's that just wasn't interested.Prolly cause hubby says geez stop running around with the egg basket and getting egg's!.He says He is the only guy he knew that had over 150 laying bird's and couldn't even get an egg to eat lol !I couldnt help it lol.Oh well someone is happy with the over 150 just duckling's I hatched and sold last year
I suppose I could borrow a bator and hatch some out myself, but just the two ducklings I had last year made such a mess in the brooder that I'd really rather not. I really appreciate everyone's input. It doesn't sound like she'll probably go broody for me, but I think I'll go ahead and leave the eggs in the nest for awhile and see what happens anyhow. The more information the better in my world so if anyone else has anything to add I'd love to hear from you too.
I have found with my ducks ( non muscovy ) they need at least a few eggs in the nest at all times to go broody, but as soon as the eggs are taken away they stop brooding! If you really want her to sit I would mark the date on the eggs and just keep the freshest ones for her to incubate! no gaurantee she will definately sit tho.
Thanks, I think that is what I'm going to do. I had a lady that wanted some fertile eggs for hatching so I've been collecting them, but she's picking her eggs up today so I'm going to start leaving them in the nest and see what happens.

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