I had 6 eggs with a few shades, but if I remember they were not the darkest and not the lightest. I got them from a co-worker and I think she sais she had a Araucana Roo also
she does, along with a few others. they were getting along fine until the white one decided he was going to start crowing too... Ottohh, the buff/calico doesnt like that a bit!
I think I am going to try to post one/or both on the Auction (free) I have never tried to get rid of a rooster but it seems like it may not be an easy thing to do
Just because they don't have ear tufts does not mean they are mixed. Araucana do not always hatch with tufts. You would want to check with the person you got them from to find out what breeds are possible based on if they separate them or run different breeds together.

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