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Andrew Sheffield

Nov 28, 2020

Totally new to the forum.

I Have a question about run size. Iv been looking after my mother in laws chickens for a year while she was moving house (she now has them back). The chickens ran freely around the garden. I’m now thinking about getting some of my own chickens but not allow them the full garden. My question is if I put a 3m X 3m walk in cage around the coop would this be acceptable for 4 standard chickens as a permanent home?

Many thanks

Hello! Sounds like plenty of room for 4 ladies. General rule of thumb is 10 sq feet of run per bird. 4 sq feet each for the coop. 10 sq feet is about 1 sq meter I believe. Welcome to BYC and congratulations on your new chicken adventure! 😊
Brilliant thanks. I think I would be just having 4-5 due to the size of the coop. It’s good to know that the run will be nice and spacious though.

Thanks again
Make sure to put lots of perches and clutter in the run along with dry, organic deep litter for them to scratch around in. A big empty space is boring for chickens.
Brilliant thanks. I think I would be just having 4-5 due to the size of the coop.

I try to not think of space for chickens in terms of coop space or run space in isolation. Instead, it's a space system. Chickens don't care if space is in the coop or in the run as long as they have room available somewhere when they need it. Obviously if that run is not available when they are awake, the coop is all they have. Maybe they are locked in the coop or predator protection and you have not let them out yet. Maybe weather, a strong storm or a snow, keeps then in the coop section only.

If they have access to that run whenever they are awake coop size is not that limiting from a behavioral standpoint. You may have issues from a workload or flexibility standpoint, you can follow the link in my signature below to see why I say that. If they are going to be stuck in the coop only that changes. I suggest you not crowd them.

But for your basic question, that run will provide more room for 4 or 5 chickens than many people on here provide. They will probably strip it bare of any vegetation over time even if you are in a lush climate but as long as they have access to that run you have plenty of room.

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