Run design and predator security

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    May 21, 2015
    Im back! More planning!

    I plan to have a decent sized outdoor run for the new flock. Ive read alot about using hardware cloth vs other fencing to keep predators out. I live in Vermont out in the middle of nowhere, so guiaranteed predators in the area. Ive seen them and have pictures of them in the woods around the house. I was wondering if hardware cloth had to be used on the ENTIRE run or would just the bottom row (3-4ft) be ok? Im not worried about the cost of hardware cloth, its more the aesthetics looking from the outside in.

    The birds would only be in the run during the day and closed in the coop at night. Predators would only get one chance to scout out the new coop before meeting their maker if they showed up during the day but it can happen quick so Id rather be prepared ahead of time.

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