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May 20, 2017
Nova Scotia
We have a lot of predators around here so I'm trying to make my coop as predator proof as possible. I want them to free range but only when I'm out to protect them. So I'm building a 14X10 run (14 chicks, maybe less as I think 4 are Roos and I only want 1) so for the walls I'm using 1/2" hardware mesh for the walls, 1/4" for the ceiling.. should I also do hardware mesh for the floor or would chicken fencing do? I don't want to risk anything getting in but I'm expecting big predators from the top, I'm not sure if hardware cloth is needed for the bottom? I know I could just bury it a bit but that's a lot of digging I don't want to do lol
It all depends on how secure you want your run. Some predators will dig in. I wouldn't bother with chicken wire as it degrades pretty quickly. Some people just bury the hardware cloth down a few feet around the perimeter to discourage digging.
Thanks, I just thought 1/4" would be stronger for a roof.. we have an over population of bobcats in my area, I was asking a neighbour questions about their coop/run and he said he didn't originally have the run covered, he added the roof after a bobcat climbed a near by tree and dropped in for dinner.. I will look into the apron style thank you
You might want to consider some electric fence run around the perimeter too, especially if you have some persistent predators.
If you're dealing with bobcats from the top, yes fortify as much as you can. If you can afford it, go for the 1/4" cloth on top. I have a neighbor dealing with bobcats also, took 2 of his ducks and a few hens. He went with solid walls and 1/4" cloth for the windows. I haven't heard of any issues since.
I don't know that 1/4 is stronger, it actually could be more easily ripped as it's lighter gauge wire(23ga vs 19ga).
Any hardware cloth, or any mesh, is only as strong as how it is attached.

Large strong animals are best deterred with heavier gauge 14ga welded wire mesh.
Solid roof sounds better to me too...keep the rain out.
Wet poop stinks!
Kikki....smh.. ;) ..not if you use this kind of stuff on the ground:

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