Run made with scaffolding poles??

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    Dec 6, 2012
    Dublin, ireland
    Im planning on building a new run for my ladies using scaffolding poles.
    Wirh the crash of the construction industry in ireland a lot of builders are selling off scaffolding very cheap.

    Im planning an 8ftx8ft run, 6ft in height.

    The upright poles come in 6ft lengths, and the cross poles come in lengths of 4ft or 8ft.

    I am going to use old fire safety guards (the ones people use to surround the whole fireplace to keep children safe), i have been collecting these for a while.

    So, i have a good idea in my head of how i will make it, but i would love to see pictures of projects others have done using similar materials.

    It will be me and my 14yr old sons doing the project, my husband is a white collar man and isn't as good at this sort of stuff.


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