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    Feb 8, 2014
    We are just starting to set up our coop and run. No matter where we put it in our backyard water will run through the run. Our backyard slopes downward to the bank that goes down to the creek. Above our yard our other people's yards so that all rain water runs down through our yard to the creek. In addition due to the trees in our backyard grass does not grow well back there. There is one spot to put the run that wouldn't be as much of a problem because the house blocks some of the runoff...but it is right next to the deck and stairs that go down to the creek and only about 20 feet from the house. Would that be too close to the deck or to the house?
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    Some people even put their coop under the deck, or the run under the deck. Look through the coop pages, many of the coops are right up against the house. In some ways that is best, since you are more likely to force yourself to keep up with cleaning the coop. If it is right next to the house, I would however STRONGLY recommend a poop shelf under your perches.

    I would think through trying to make the footing of the run and coop be set up to channel the water around, and not through the run.

    Maybe getting chickens is a good excuse to set up better drainage for your yard. You could set up a channel for the water that usually looks like a dry river bed, but that would take all of the water when it rains.

    And, [​IMG]

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