Runner with a prolapsed penis


8 Years
Dec 26, 2011
Palm Bay, FL
Hello everyone! Still new to the duck world and dealing with our first medical issue. We have a male black runner that has come into sexual maturity within the last month or two. He has been doing his fair share of mating the females and now he is having an issue! He is hanging entirely out the back side!! I rinsed the area with warm water, flipped him upside down and applied some Witch Hazel and antibiotic ointment. I then managed to maneuver it back into his backside. It stayed in until he pooped again, and it popped right back out. I put him in a separate pen with a male buddy to keep him company, and keep him from mating for the moment.

It is still pink and fleshy, so I know if I can resolve this that he may not lose any of it. I am just wondering if any of you have been successful with treating this, and how do I deal with it? Also, I do not have separate quarters for him at night, so he may end up mating at that time.

What causes this problem? Do I need to be giving him and supplements or anything to strengthen his system??

I would appreciate any help you can give me!

Thank you!
I tried two more times to stick it back in. He immediately 'squirted' and out it came. I brought him in the house to stick him in some warm water to see if it would help reduce swelling, keep it moist, etc. Good idea/bad idea?
Thank you! I had found that thread and lost it again. The most useful info on their was this:

"You can use sugar to shrink the tissues or what we use is Hemorrhoid creams that will also shrink tissues and provide the lubrication to get the phallus back inside. "

But, I do not have hemorrhoid cream on hand. How would one use sugar for this?? I am afraid that the longer it hangs out, the more chance of tissue loss.

He also recommended antibiotics. I do not have those on hand either. If I were to get some, what would I get, how much, and how do you administer it?

Thank you!
Im assuming you would mix sugar and water

But i did some more searching and most people said they isolated their dake inside for a couple of days and it went away on its own. They all said just keep it clean as you can and put it back in everytime it happens. One said they used KY jelly to slid it back in.

So maybe you can just take him into your bathtub or something for a couple of days and keep him clean and keep it in? They said when it starts to die then it becomes a problem.
When you mean bathtub, do you mean with water, or with bedding? He is in a warm bath right now, and I think I might try to track down hemorrhoid cream as one suggested. I don't even have KY or any kind of lubricant! I have some good ointment that has coconut oil, etc in it. Hoping that works for the moment!
I had this happen this past summer... I used neosporin mixed with vasoline and applied twice a day... I took him to my vet (who is not an avian vet) and he agreed with me that since it was still pink just to leave it a watch him... there was only a couple days in the beginning he did act like he didnt feel well but that was it... I COULD not keep it in at all , he didnt even try and mate either. It took all summer for the end hanging out to dry up enough that I took him back to the vet and he tied if off with string and cut the dead part off. Then it took another month for that little dead piece that was left to fall off.. He is NOW back to normal.Poor thing , he drug it around all summer... Oh and there was maybe 2-3 times that one of the other ducks thought it was a worm and tried to pull at it !!!!!!!!!!! uggghhhh... thats one of the reasons that ppl say to seperate, but I just watched very close and you can tell if he was being picked on. Theres no way I wanted to keep him from his buddies for any legnth of time if I didnt have too... I was told my some knowledgeable ppl and my vet that hemmroid cream is not very good, something about the steriods..

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