runny nose & clear liquid just started pouring out her backside


10 Years
Jun 7, 2009
Romulus Michigan
she sounds really congested and has a runny nose...I picked up the hen and some clear liquid just started pouring out her backside , i have 3 more now i see are doing it what can it be ?
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I had actually already seen your thread, as I'm sure others have, but do not have an answer for you. Please be patient and let someone that knows what is going on have time to find your thread.​
Can you post more information. Eg; what have they been eating, have they been free-ranging, have you added new birds recently?
The more information you give, the easier it will be for someone to help you. I hope that you get help soon. Good luck with your birds.
they are on laying pellets and crumbels and they freerange about 2 hours a day in myback yard ..we got a new pullet about 3weeks ago she is one of the girls that sick she is a barred rock about 20weeks and the other two we have had for mons now ..1 is a RIR she about 6mons old , 1 EE she is about 18weeks , the only one laying is the RIR and she layed today ,she was doing good this morning then this afternoon i went out to let them out for a bit and she was moving so slow ,so i picked her up to see what was wrong and i could hear her nose as she was breathing ,she had her mouth open ,then my hubby said clear stuff is coming outta her vent i started checking them all i have 12 total 3 more sounded bad they were running around and eating and acting fine .i have the sick one seperated now .

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