Runny orange-tan poop?


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May 3, 2011
Bradleyville, MO
My little 2 week old chick that I got two days ago has been having runny poo. It is the same one that was very lethargic and had a wing drooping. The other two that I got with it are having normal poo and are acting fine. I don't know if it is just the chick version of ceacal(sp) poo, but it is runny and an orange/tan color.

(I tried to get the color as close as possible on my computer)

Should I be concerned? For the record, I've been giving him Poly-vi-sol, and today he seems much better. He didn't have this kind of poo before today. Could it just be the vitamins? I know those vitamins can change the color of a baby's poo (I worked in daycare for 16 years) but wasn't sure about a chicken, or if I should be worried about something else. Thanks!
Sorry - when it comes to chicken poo I STILL get confused. I will say that my birds are all healthy, and I do see the butterscotch pudding poos from some of my chicks sometimes. If that's the ONLY poo that's happening from that chick, I might start researching. But if he/she's doing any more typical poos sometimes too, then I wouldn't worry. And yes, what a chicken eats can definitely affect it's poo...
It looks normal to me, perhaps just a caecal stool. It is not ordinary for your chick to be lethargic and have drooping wings--it almost sounds as if she could have coccidiosis. Those are the prime two symptoms before bloody stool.

I'm sorry I seem such a downer, and it could end up being nothing. Good luck with her, keep us posted
It isn't lethargic or dropping a wing anymore. It is hopping around and acting normal just like the other two. It may just be on a sugar high, though. LOL
Thanks! I couldn't find that anywhere. I bookmarked it. Its poo looks like a couple of the caecal poos, thankfully. It's doing MUCH better with the vitamins and sugar water.
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