Runny poo, shell-less eggs, odd behavior: PLEASE HELP! (Long)

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  1. My Lorp mixed hen, Roxy, is a very special girl. We've had her for almost two years and I'm not getting much help with her at home.

    A few months ago, Rox began to show signs that something wasn't right. She used to be the top-dog, keeping everyone in line. But she began to stay closer to home when I let everyone else out to free-range. She also became quieter and sometimes, less interested in eating and more in staring into space. My family really isn't into the whole 'chickens' thing even though they are everyone's responsibility. I just try to move everyone along as best as I can, alone.

    Because there wasn't too much I could do, I decided to simply keep an eye out. Roxy merely declined. Her poo is now runny and hanging off of her bottom (I can't really catch a color, brown and white, maybe) all the time. We have recently started putting ACV in the birds' water 2 times a week and adding more oyster shell to their layer rations.

    A few weeks ago, I happened to notice egg dripping off of everything. I started to fear that we had an egg-eater, but when I witnessed Rox lay an egg with NO shell, I realized something was not up at all. At the time, we weren't giving oyster shell, so when we started, I laid low for a bit to see what happened.

    Today, Rox did her usual (unusual) thing, and then when she went to roost, CRASH! Another shell-less egg splashed onto the floor.

    We don't worm any of the birds. I can find a way if this is necessary. So long as the treatment isn't that expencive, I'll buy it myself. I approached my parents today with what happened. My father stated the as they age, egg-laying-ability declines. I said that was nonsense and these two year old birds should be very healthy at this age! So I'm finally taking this situation into my own hands. I've already lost one bird because of my mistakes, I won't lose another. At least not like this.

    Please help me! I'm not too concerned I'll lose her so soon if I do at all. She's been like this for months.
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    Well definitely keep with the oyster shell, and/or crushed eggshell (needs to be unrecognizable to the chickens as eggs). Could also try some leafy greens like kale, fresh foods, and sprinkle around some diatomeous earth. Food grade Diatomeous earth is also a natural wormer (for humans and animals...I can find you the link if you'd like. Here it is: Haven't tried it on chickens but it is an option.
    Someone recently brought their chicken who was laying soft-shelled eggs to complete recovery, try searching in this section.
    Hope this helps.
  3. Thank you so much. This seems like a great option that I will be sure to look into. I'm going to try and search for mites and possible worms today, just in case. I really hope the DE works.

    Thank you again!

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