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    Feb 14, 2011
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    New babies = crazy adorable! [​IMG] But their poo seems to be rather runny.. I figured it was because they came from the feed store and I'm sure they aren't on the best food/schedule/etc. there - I was going to give them a few days to settle in and get in a new routine, but I was just running it by everyone to make sure I wasn't making an excuse for something that could be a little more than what I was thinking!

    ..And they don't like to be held or messed with yet (which is very hard for me) - giving them a few days to get over that, and then I'm breaking out the big guns - treats!
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    Mar 2, 2011
    Hi I am new here too but there is a fairly recent post from today about giving treats. Someone on there recommended oateal for the runs. I have rubbed raw rolled oatmeal in my fingers to make it more powdery and added it to my young chicks' food. They LOVE it.
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    They need to get use to you -- try picking them up for a little bit each day so they get use to you and the feel of your hand. Soon they will look forward to you paying attention to them. I would recommend that you go easy on the treats. If you do give them treats, provide some grit (dirt has lots of grit) with the treats. I noticed that when we hatched chickens, the mama hen would let them eat whatever she ate but she taught them to peck and scratch in the dirt right away.

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