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We bought a group of 10 baby chicks and they are aprox 5 weeks old at this point, possibly one or two is older based on the size. Anyway, one of the Australorps is just a little runt. She looks like she is a little bigger than when we first brought her home, but nothing in comparison to the other birds.

She appears to eat and drink. Knows enough to huddle with the other birds when she gets cold and otherwise seems ok.

We thought about pulling her out of the group, but decided we'd let things take their course until it is time to put them outside (hopefully in a week or two).

Should I pull her from the group and hope she gets bigger or stay on the course and let the chips fall where they may?
Sometimes runts do happen... You could pull her out for a few hours with a few of the other smaller ones, and make sure she's eating well. You could try giving her poly~vi~sol infant vitamins without iron, and a teaspoon od apple cider vinager in it's water, it helps with nutrient absorption. offer her plain yogurt, with some of her chick starter food mixed in, like a mash.. I'd do that for a while and see if that don't help it along. Also, is there plenty of room in the brooder for the birds? sometimes overcrowding causes different growth rates... Good Luck! Hope this helps!
The brooder is a water trough that's 4x2x2. They all seem to have enough room.

We see her eat and drink and added another feeder to the brooder to make sure that she'd have a place to eat and not get crowded out. She's just so small.

I might try to add some apple cider vinegar to their water. I'd like to avoid seperating them if at all possible.
sounds big enough! I don't blame you for not wanting to seperate them. It sound like you're doing everything right. sounds like its just going t be small.
I've got a runt too that I was worried about, but at half the size of the other 5-week-old chicks, she's already clawed her way to the top of the pecking order.

I read a LOT of posts on here about runts becuase I was so worried, and most of them had happy endings and the little runts had napoleon complexes.
We too have a "runt". The new chicks( Dominque, BO, Austrolorp, and one Jersey Giant)are almost 2 weeks old, and have grown considerably....except Tiny. She is feathering nicely, is very lively, and we see her eat and drink well. She is also the most social. She competes with the Jersey Giant to get to the highest place on my arm when I place it in the brooder. She will eat from my hand and loves to play on the small roost we have in the box. Hopefully her go get 'em attitude will carry her on to become a healthy and beloved hen!

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