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Yes it is Friday night therefore a bird emergency. Never a Monday morning. ..

My black turken appears to have a ruptured crop. I read the previous thread, many thanks for posting. And I am prepared for surgery. I have her wrapped up in a towel and have cleaned out the crop. It appears to have ruptured a few days ago, 2 maggots found which may have helped with infection. The edges are dries and the muscle that is showing on her right breast is showing and also somewhat dried. I have the material out to suture it all up, but I am afraid if it is more than 12 hours old, I may be suturing in more bacteria. I have some apple cider vinegar. I also have some povidine. Afraid to use the povidine as some might get into her gut, and might be toxic. Should I cut the dried, shriveled skin off so that I have some healthy viable tissue to mend back together? I noticed something odd this morning with her, neck this morning but opted to wait until tonight to evaluate--they are so much calmer at night. She is acting well, aside from the ruptured area.
don't stitch her up get some crazy glue I had to operate, on one of my hens for crop bound and I used crazy glue it does good just get it close enough and glue. it is easier to and not so stress ful for you you don't have to worry about the stitches coming out ot her pulling them out.

Just a thought

After much deliberation, I sutured only the crop. I irrigated well with the vinger, rinsed with water. and used 7 loose sutures. I am not sure what to do about her skin. As I said before the edges are very dry, and will not come together in any sort of contiguous manner without feather shafts being involved. I left it open. Perhaps it will granualate in and scar. I'd hate to put her down. She is resting in a dog carrier. I will scramble her some eggs tomorrow, wait, watch and hope for the best.
cool cool Ithought you were going to cut some of the dry way but cool you got it together that is all that nmatters and you are good with it, I mean no disrespect here I had secess with the super glue. That is all it is faster to but I still am glad you got her back together.

She is doing pretty good in my opinion. She aate a shole scramled egg. I pulled her out and had a peak. Sutures are intact. I put some bacitracin over the skin edges. Still hoping this works!
I have some pictures, but it won't allow me to post for some reason...
put them on photobucket and use the IMG to put them on here I woud love to see your chicken and all.


Is she still doing well?

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