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    $15 each, shipping included within USA. Reply to thread to claim your breed, and I'll PM paypal instructions.

    Hen-on-nest sign for your chicken coop, Farmer's Market stall, driveway, barn, kitchen, etc.

    Hand painted originals--so they are one of a kind. After painting the board and design, I sand and stain the wood to make the sign look old.

    The sign is varnished with Minwax Helmsman Spar Urethane to help preserve the sign from weather. If the sign is to be displayed outdoors, I highly recommend varnishing once a year or so (frequency depends on the climate conditions).

    Leghorn: 10" x 7"
    Silver Laced Wyandotte: 8.25" x 7"
    Barred Rock: 10.25" x 7"

    All my signs and wood items are made from scrap lumber from other projects from around our home or from the scrap bins at lumber yards. Since these boards were salvaged, they may be a bit warped or have other imperfections (that add character).

    The signs currently have no hanging mechanism to give you flexibility to hang the sign as you like. I can add a wire (on back or on top) or drill a hanging hole in the back at no extra charge.
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