RV's a no go! Pictures and help needed!!!!

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    So it turns out there are some complications with my RV coop [​IMG] ! BUT my padre (Father) said he would build me coop if I could come up the design and help him build it! So Although I am deeply saddened by the loss of the RV I am also overjoyed that a coop designed for me will be made.

    So my fellow chicken lovers this is where I ask for pictures ideas and guide lines for my future coop! Here are some things that might help with you info...I'll want atleast ten chickens and I have enough land and neighbors are no problem. I don't know if this is needed but any help will be appreciated.[​IMG]
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    First... Welcome.


    You will find lots of great coop designs here.

    A year ago about now, I actually googled "Coop designs" downloaded the free coop plans and THEN found BYC

    Coop Designs

    For 10 chickens you need a coop with at least 40 square feet.... that's a tiny coop 4 X 5.

    Why not get 20 chickens and make an 8 X 10 coop? You'll always want more... I can almost guarantee that.

    And when you get chickens get some variety.

    If you want meaties or layers that's fine... then you can do Cornish crosses or leghorns, but there are lots of fun varieties out there.

    I've decided I'm going to concentrate on Blue Ameraucanas. I hope I can work on getting a line that will LAY a lot of eggs.
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    Quote:In that case I'd throw up a barn with running water and electricity or vice versa [​IMG]. That in any case, is my dream.

    I've had it with toting water and feed etc. to the chicken coop. Winter here is unbearable with chickens, the coop is dusty and dirty and no water to wash walls and no space to vacuum walls and whatever as the hens are underfoot (waiting for treats).
    I love my hens so I will tell the Universe that I Want A Barn!
    Thing is....10 hens turn into 20 then 40....coops are too small [​IMG] [​IMG] (insane laughter from a hatchaholic)

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