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    Mar 14, 2009
    I had 33 chickens in June and I have been so proud of my flock. They are quite a pampered bunch of birds..Or were pampered. [​IMG][​IMG]I sell eggs locally to friends and family and I really just keep the birds because I think they are neat, only fellow chicken owners can understand. Well starting in mid June a few coyotes started raiding my birds during the day while they were free ranging. They took out 13 in a matter of a few days. So, I decided it was time to keep them in their run and I covered it totally with shade cloth and made it a good place for them. Well a few weeks later I had something rip he hardware cloth off of my coop and killed 9 birds in one night. They sucked the eggs and generally just tore my birds to pieces. I was devastated! Fast forward a few more weeks. We have had the hottest summer ever and one day a couple of weeks ago we had a 119 degree day and I lost 9 more birds in a few days to heat. I am down to 1 lonesome bird and she is so lonely. My heart has been broken and I am wondering how I can possibly combat all of this scavenging? I put out live traps and so far we have trapped 3 coons and 7 possums. I would love to get the coyotes! I just had to vent..I guess I am going to wait for cooler weather and try again.
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    My Coop

    I don't know what I would do with just one bird.
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    Thats a massive loss - how did they rip the hardware cloth? You can never stop all of the scavenging but you can build a predator proof coop and run, do you have any pictures of where/how they got in?
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    They ripped the screws out of the wood. I am sure they worked at it for a few nights. I got the larger 1inch, I think, cloth and it was enough to get in and out. I have had birds for 2 1/2 and NEVER had anything like this. I guess it is the combo of the super cold winter and the dreadfully hot summer? The predators have been so numerous. It is just awful!
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    Aug 13, 2011
    [​IMG] So very sorry for your loss.
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    May 13, 2011
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    I am so sorry for all your losses! Maybe you can hire someone to come out and trap/shoot the coyotes? Sounds like your lone hen could use a companion, maybe you can buy her a buddy. For now you could put a mirror and a stuffed animal in with her to help keep her company. I hope you catch all those predators!!
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    Quote:Aw hun. I am so sorry. I've just gone through this and very much understand how you feel, but I know that doesn't make it even a tiny bit easier for you.

    Is the pen you had a large outdoor coop that would be too expensive to cover with 1/4", or is it a smaller area where that might be feasible? 1/4" seems excessive, but with all my losses, I covered everything, outdoor brooder, chicken tractor, and quail pens all with 1/4" hardware cloth, to make me feel a bit better. I still can not afford to do my chicken run, at 20 x 14, and 6 feet high, its just too big for me to cover ($) so its still chicken wire for now.

    I am very sorry you've had to go through this, and very sorry for your chickens. I hope you are feeling better, and ready to add to your flock again, soon.


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    Mar 18, 2010
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    I've read that some BYCers use electric fencing around their coops and runs - I think there are some affordable options out there for this, and from what I've read people have found it to be effective. So sorry for all that you're going through.
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    That is so sad. I'm sorry. Once a predator gets in to the coop they will keep returning because they remember that it was an easy kill. So if you try again I would change locations. Also, I use electric fence around my chicken area. We put up tin can lids all over the lines with a dab of PB on them. I have heard many night time yelps, but I have never seen even a footprint in my garden chicken area. We went to maximum security after a wild dog tore into the run and snatched 3 birds. Since then, I haven't had a single problem.

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