Sad :(


9 Years
Aug 25, 2010
So tomorrow is hatch day, day 19 for my breeder bought serama eggs. We had a bad weekend, my baby son in the emergency room last night for fever, hubby had drill weekend and left me with kids all weekend with no time to study for Monday quiz in class I'm failing... Anyway I noticed Inc temp was really low so I turned it up a notch and told him to watch it because it will spike...
When I came back incubator was at 113. No egg movement. No movement in float test. Breeder seramas dead. Most of wed. Hatching batch of quail, dead. 28 quail eggs I just put in like two days ago? Probably dead. And our first eggs ever from our oldest seramas.

I threw a fit and put all my stuff in attic room. So tired of nothing I ask to get done getting done and being responsible for everything!!!!! On top of that, hatch day was going to be the only bright spot of my week, I want to cry and now I can't concentrate at all to study!!! Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy?
I'm feeling frustrated for you. Hope your baby is feeling better. Try to forgive the hubby.

It cant be changed now but you can still make the test results the highlight of your week.
Good luck with that.

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