Saddle feathers??

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    Jul 31, 2013
    Hi! We have 8 chickens, 13.5 weeks old, from a farmer who had questionable techniques of sexing them as day old chicks. I think 5 of them are roosters, but these two I am not sure of. I am leaning towards roosters. They are mixed breeds, the major breeds in the mix being new jersey giant and some wyandottes for the black one, and easter egger mix for the one with the ear muffs. Let me know if you think they are roosters or pullets.
    see this small golden feather? I think this is a saddle feather...
    He/she also has some golden feathers coming in on the neck
    This is where his saddle feathers would/will be if/when they come in
    this is his/her tail
    head with red comb/waddle
    this is a picture of the feathers on the back. The two black ones from the same farm (same hatching) that I believe are hens are much more dull black, this one and the other one that I am certain is a rooster have green/blue in the feathers
    here's the whole bird
    Here's the questionable chicken - Big Bertha. She/he was always the top of the pecking order and does posture with other birds, although he/she is docile when we pick her/him up
    Not the long tail feathers
    side view. She/he is gorgeous with those gray and orange feathers (likely more evidence she is a he)
    I don't see prominent pointy saddle feathers, what do you think?
    more of where the saddle feathers should be coming in
    Are these pointy saddle feathers?

    She/he has samall comb but it is rather red
    the neck feathers seem pointy to me, and he/she will fluff them out when he goes up against other chickens
    I'm supposed to bring back the roosters tomorrow. The other three I'm certain are male, but these two I am on the fence about. The black one I was leaning toward rooster but hadn't see saddle feathers until this afternoon when I spotted the gold one (the other rooster from the same hatching has prominent gold saddle and neck feathers coming in). With Big Bertha, I hate to admit that I think he's a rooster, because he's a family favorite, but he just looks like a rooster to me. He's pretty, big, and fights with the other birds. But he's docile when we pick him up - one of the easier birds to catch and some of the other definite roosters are difficult to catch and hard to hold. Let me know what you think before they go back tomorrow!

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    Welcome to BYC! Glad you joined us! [​IMG] What did the farmer say they were? I am guessing they are both cockerels but I am not an expert. They are very pretty!
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  4. I think they are both boys, I am pretty sure they are. Keep in mind u can only have 1 rooster per 8 chickens so u may only be able to keep 1, sorry to say it. unless you kept the boys together in a separate coop. I have 3 boys together in a coop so... and Welcome to BYC [​IMG][​IMG]
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    Welcome to BYC! Happy you joined!
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    [​IMG]can you keep one rooster? You just need to change his name to Big Bert - see how easy it is. He/she is my favorite too.

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