Saddle Feathers?

The saddle feathers droop down on the hips of a roo, they can be quite pretty.

Hens are very pretty, however the roo's plumage is something that most folks never see if they only have the quiet ones....

Light Brahma roo's have wonderful saddles that are very pretty.

In my experience the roo has to be pretty well developed before you notice the difference in saddle feathers. IOW, there were lots of other things that told me who my roos were before their saddle feathers gave them away.
I too notice the combs first. I do see on my older Bantie roo the pointie saddle feathers, very handsome indeed! & the girls are just small & curved. I guess as I get more experience with them I may pick it up quicker.
Can somebody post a picture of a RIR or sex link of a RIR and crossing RIwhite rooster so I can see the saddle feathers.
I still don't know if my chicken is a hen or a roo.

She behave very bossy.
I try to figure out how to post a picture here
I pretty sure I have 4 roos by their large red crowns and waddles and some one is crowing out there maybe a couple of them are ,I can't tell who's crowing.
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