Safe to eat chickens post swollen eye bronchitis disease?

I was told by the state vet that it is safe to eat chickens and eggs from chickens that have MG (Mycoplasma) since it is not zoonotic. That's one of the diseases that cause bubbly eyes and respiratory problems, but it's not the only one and I'm not certain about the rest.
Anyone else have any thoughts? I usually eat my chickens and I am scared of eating these now that they have been sick. Maybe I am over reacting, I dunno. I hope so!
Hi, I've been wondering if it is safe to eat the eggs? Mine are in the last stages of recovering form that awful Mycoplasma Upper Respiratory illness and what a horrid thing it is! I lost three hens and a rooster to it.

How long was your flock affected?
I am sure that someone will comment soon. FYI Mycoplasma is what causes the illness, it's not the illness itself. The very expensive avian veterinarian also told me that they most likely caught it from wild birds.

There was no smell that I noticed when mine were sick, just a lot of mucousy coughing and sneezing. If your birds were on anitbiotics then you should not eat the meat until that has cleared from their systems. (each type of antibiotic leaves the body at a different rate).
Smelly chickens with bubbly eyes sounds like Coryza, although other bacteria can cause a bad smell, just not usually as potent. Are the ones in question still sick? Did they recover fully and do they look normal? If so, I think I would eat them. If they have any signs of the disease, or are in poor shape, I would cull without eating them.
Thank you so much for the replies! I will wait before eating them for sure, but it sounds like it will be safe when all is said and done! thanks so much!

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