safe to eat eggs when treating for lice?

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    I have read through a bunch of old threads and have plenty of ideas now on how to treat for lice.
    DE, VCO, Poultry Protector, permethrin, etc.

    what I haven't been able to find is a consensus on a) if I need to not eat eggs for a while, and b) if so, how long?

    I just found out tonight that we have a lice problem. My dd's little pet runty rooster is absolutely infested... I feel like the worst chicken keeper ever, He has always been "special" but has been acting a bit more off and then she came in and told me she thought he had pastey butt. I was surprised since he was born on Easter and is certainly too old to have pastey butt, but I checked and there are literally ROCKS hanging off of him. I did a little google and see that he is simply covered in lice [​IMG].

    I plan to check the rest of the flock tomorrow and see how bad it is. he is kind of a loner, but does sleep in the same coop, so I'm sure it's an issue.

    I want to do a major knockdown so I guess I'll use the permethrin and dip them, but then how long to not use eggs? Or, if I see that on the rest of the flock it is minor, can I just spray them with the poultry protector and keep eating eggs?[​IMG] I know that we have to thoroughly clean the chicken house (how fun [​IMG]) nesting boxes, etc.
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    The chemicals might have that sort of information on the labels. If you dust them, the eggs should safe. If you drench them or give them anything orally, there should be some elimination period. You might Google the chemical name + egg to see what you find.

    If you can't find out otherwise, a call to your local cooperative extension service should provide you with answers.

    I would think 14 days after the last treatment would be safe to start eating the eggs.


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