Safe to move chicks outside?


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May 17, 2022
I've got two chickens and four chicks I'd like to move to this coop. Is it safe for them to sleep here? Is there anything I should add to make this more secure?

I'm not too worried about them keeping warm. It's currently summer and temperature tonight will be 50 degrees at lowest. I'm more concerned about predators - we've got raccoons and I've seen neighbor's cats visit my yard before. Will this be enough to keep them out?

chicken coop.jpeg
Can't really see the latch, but if it's a barrel latch raccoons could potentially open it if they get inside the fenced area.

Is there any reason the ventilation(?) is completely covered up?
It looks like you have a gate to keep them from getting to the actual coop. That relieves some worry about that barrel lock. Is that bird or deer netting on top? Raccoons could tear that or, depending on how it is attached, pull an attachment off and get inside. I don't see any dig protection. While raccoons and other predators can dig, they can also push through a very shallow low spot under the fence.

As for predator protection it's not horrible, it is better than many people use. But it does have potential weaknesses.

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