Safeguard Deworming Questions


Jun 9, 2020

I have some Safeguard-specific deworming questions to ask y'all.

First, the Chicken Men dewormed our chickens with Safeguard about a month ago, but they forgot to do the second round of deworming two weeks after doing the initial three-day treatment. So, they began deworming them again last night.

Now, in my online research I read that the initial treatment kills the adult worms, and the second treatment two weeks later kills the offspring of the worms that died during the first treatment, which hatched in that interim period.

So, my question is this: do the Chicken Men (three of my younger brothers, for those who haven't read my introductory post) need to deworm our chickens again two weeks from now?

Or is doing two treatments within a one-month period sufficient to kill all adult worms AND their offspring? In other words, could there be unhatched worm eggs that haven't hatched since the Chicken Men dewormed our flock last month (one that won't be killed unless we do another Safeguard treatment two weeks from now)?

I know that doing three Safeguard treatments within a 6-week period is probably overkill. But perhaps doing a different dewormer two weeks from now wouldn't be a bad idea?

If y'all have any questions, please let me know.

Thank you!!

Twice is probably sufficient. The goal of deworming is to decrease the worm load, it will never be zero. Also, over-deworming can lead to anthelmintic resistance so better to wait a while and do it again if needed.

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