Safety holes? Please help!

Oct 30, 2021
Hi everyone, Im new here and to hatching. My in laws have a small hobby farm and my son asked if he could incubate some eggs for them (with my help/guidance). We successfully hatched 3 chicks (out of 5) and now we are trying duck eggs. We only started with 2 and one quit at day 16 and now I'm worried I will lose the last remaining one. I candled it at day 24 and saw what I thought was an internal pip, 24 hours later and still no external pip I panicked and put in a small safety hole. It is now day 27 and still nothing and I am now thinking (after lots and lots of research in the mean time) that it may not have internally pipped and what i saw was the duckling pushing on the membrane. Now I'm so worried I have shrink wrapped the little guy in there? Any advice on what I should do? The humidity and temps are perfect and I can see it is still moving. I feel so bad about this.


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Mar 20, 2017

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