Salmon Favorelles Roo or pullet?


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Feb 2, 2008
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I read another post from last spring about the dif between a roo and a pullet and I just needed to clear up something. Does the Pull have ANY black on her wings. My 2 peeps are just a few days old and both have little black feathers coming in on the bottom of thier wings.
Does this mean they are both roos? Grrr
THANKS! I don't think there is enough feather color to determine, but soon. Very very soon!

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Can you take a pic and post it or send to me. I can tell pretty early on. There wont be any black if it is a pullet but can look a little dark against the lighter fluff on the chick at first.

Sure! I will tonight. Right now they are napping. THANKS! The feathers on thier wings look like the same color to me, black. I hope I don't have 2 roo's. I would really like to have a hen and a roo.
Cest` la vie right?
Hi - I have 4 that arrived on Friday from Ideal - they'd be nearly a week old - and they all have blackish wings instead of the salmon. I hope they are not all roos!

I think it just must be too early to tell yet. They are also feathering out a 'lil slower than the Delawares that I got. The Dels have tiny tails showing and much longer wing feathers.

The Ameraucanas are yet further long. It's interesting seeing them develop!

They will have a darker color on the wings but not quite black. It will be a mottle looking brown if that makes sense.

Here is a pic of my hen as a baby, she was about 4-5 days old. The pic is blurry but you can see that the tip of the wing is not black but is somewhat dark.


Here is a female at 19 days old, which is quite a bit older but you can see that darker brown toward the bottom of the wings. That is what you will see first.


Hope it helps.

AWWWW! WOW! She is sooo perty!! Now I am just getting excited!!

I love watching them grow up. THANKS for sharing the pictures!
I will post some soon.
Here are a couple of my chix for comparison. They would be approx. 1 week old.

It's tough to tell if the wing color is brown or black at this age.



The Faverolles are developing 'lil combs, whereas the Delaware chicks are not.


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