Salmonella eggs Question?


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Feb 17, 2013
Crystal river
I have been told that all eggs contain some trace of salmonella....even my home eggs. I eat 6 eggs raw in the morning in my smoothy for over a year. I have never gotten sick from my chicken eggs. My chickens are free range and healthy. When I was young and growing up we never worried about eggs having salmonella.... I do not think it is our home grown eggs that we should be worried about ....its is the store bought eggs. What do you think?
Not all eggs contain salmonella but it's possible for any chicken to get it. Especially your free range they are more suseptible to it since they are outside where birds fly over them and poop into your yard.. Rats also carry it... Flys can carry it. Your feed can carry it that's why we always buy heat treated feed. Sooo I personally wouldn't eat your eggs raw you can get really sick from it if your birds get it...

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