Salmonella Outbreak Warning~ Please read!

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    Got this from my Dept. of Ag today. They found Salmonella in a hatchery in Ohio. It is contagious to people. Please read. WASH YOUR HANDS.

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    May 3, 2012
    When I read this I freaked a bit because we just got an order from a hatchery in Ohio...luckily it was NOT the one that is the cause of the salmonella! I quickly researched it & found that it is (ironically named) Mt. HEALTHYs Hatchery [​IMG] who also had another outbreak just last year!!! They are already reporting 93 cases in many different states & one death! Last year it was 63!
  3. Sounds like common sense advice everyone should follow when dealing with most animals.
    But how do you kow where your chicks came from if you got them from a feed store such as tractor supply or orchelien.
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    I ask my feed store where they get their birds from. I refuse to deal with certain hatcheries because of the prevalence of genetic faults in some hatchery lines. I got tired of getting "healthy" chicks that ended as crossbeaks and geese that displayed angelwing within a week of buying them. I am interested in breeding all my own stock in the future, so I need some decent specimens to start with.

  5. I called T'S and orsheclien. T'S chicks came from Esges and orchelien came from Privett

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