salmonella safety?


Mar 19, 2017
Central Valley, CA
Hi all, I thought since i was raising my own healthy birds the risk was lower of any problems, but per the above article I realized I might not be using good procedures to reduce exposure. my problem, specifically, is I freeze two-liter bottles to put in the coop during 100+ weather. naturally, they are exposed to my chickens & waste. then I've been rinsing them with the hose, washing in the kitchen sink with soap & water, & refreezing. my concern is, should I be handling these things in my kitchen? Or placing in my food freezer, even after washing? I don't have a laundry sink, although I guess I could use a bathroom sink... or am I over- thinking & over-worrying? Oh, we don't have little kids, who would be at higher risk of problems...

I saw that news piece too! That was an interesting and informative article. I know salmonella is a serious disease.

If you look at the referenced CDC article, you will notice 372 cases were reported from January into May. I'd like to know how many folks handle how many backyard flocks, because the threat risk assessment is different for 1000 or a million.

I'm gonna do what I can to have best practices, but don't kiss the chickens?! That's going too far...
My husband just forwarded me this article this am.
We have 8 chicks coming and three curious little girls who will want to handle them.

I figured proper hand washing procedures after handling will be enough, but would love to hear others thoughts.
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