Salutations! From the Hinky Dinky Double Z Farm - Nor-Cal


Jan 2, 2016
Northern California
Hallo there,

I have been lurking and surfing through topic searches for quite awhile. Every time I've had to google some strange new behavior on the funny farm, I've ended up reading here, so I decided to sign up.

We currently have six hens, three wynadottes, A gold old lady of some description, two barred that share a name, they are both "Gibbs - as in NCIS", collectively, "The Gibbs" since they seem to share a personality - both are very outgoing, and the first laying of the bunch, the colder days don't seem to phase them as much and give the three Blue Swedish Ducks a run for their dinner, two ladies, one is "mud duck" in spite of being given a lovely ladylike name that I have long since forgotten. The drake is Pastor and he is just gorgeous and we hope he figures out how to make small ducks before long, alas he seems hopelessly doomed to awkward duck puberty. He is super pretty, but about as graceful as a walking cinder block. They fly like thrown bricks. Not well indeed. They boss everyone around, the goats and chickens and have even led a full flock charge when the cat got too close.

We also have three nubian/nigerian dwarf cross goats, sugar and spice are our girls and chip is the resident guy, also hoping everyone is in a family way and we'll be neck deep in little goaties roundabouts April.

We have lionhead buns, but they are less than friendly. They were full grown when we got them and they were being raised for meat and they are in fact stocky little things. They like to eat. That's about the long and short of it. They aren't fearful but they aren't engaging either, and the back end is always poised to kick into shredder mode. I haven't decided whether to breed them at some point and try to socialize the next generation - or if it could be done. They are very pretty, one gray, one blue harlequin, but just not very nice. They're entertaining in their own little way though, throwing empty food bowls and burrowing around in their hay.

Then of course we can't forget to mention the two dogs, cat and three fish.

We keep our chickens for eggs, the goats for yard work, the ducks to discourage neighborhood animals, the rabbits for potential, and the dogs in spite of themselves. We have a spare pen, so sometimes we host a few sheep for a couple weeks if we're getting grown over with weeds.

I've already found a lot of helpful tips all over the place just surfing, and I look forward to finding more! Not sure what projects 2016 will bring, building rabbit sheds, goat proofing fences, trying to persuade ducks to sit and more I'm sure. I don't see us adding roosters, mostly because I'm collecting not only for eggs, but aesthetic appeal and I like my stripey and spotty ladies, and it might be simpler to get chicks of breeds that I'd like to have, rather than breeding to a yard limit of about 12. Ducks, I'm thinking 5, if they figure out how to get their duck on this year. :D

Pleased to meet everyone and looking forward to lots of good reading!



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Welcome to BYC, and good luck with your many charges. Do you have a pond or pool for the ducks? Clumsy drakes are better at getting the job done in water.


Jan 2, 2016
Northern California
We do, but it is small. We're in one of the areas hit by the Ca drought so water is dear and must be brought from the house to the yard. The water doesn't get changed as often as they'd prefer. I try to change it once a week, and they have a massive duck party complete with water ballet, but once it's cloudy they're over it.

Our boy likes to pretend he's in the wild skimming across a lake, hits the edge of the pool and falls flat on his face, gets up and runs around the yard flapping to complete the illusion, ending up back in the wading pool where he began. He's comical.

They have multiple buckets around their yard for eating water, but the full dump and drag doesn't happen as often as would be desirable.

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Handsome drake you have there!

Thanks for joining us and giving such an interesting introduction. Sounds like you have enough animals to keep you busy!

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Welcome to Backyard chickens. Your drake has such a pretty face oops, mean handsome face. You may want to post on the "Duck thread," for suggestions on getting his "romeo," on.


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Howdy neighbor! Or maybe sort of neighbor? Northern California is pretty big!
I also did a lot of research/lurking on BYC before joining, and now it's my own little addiction. You have a great little menagerie started! If you are interested in friendly rabbits, I can strongly recommend Flemish Giants. They are more like small dogs than rabbits, mellow and friendly. They're often used to increase size of meat rabbits, but as purebreds, people say the bones are too big and food conversion not as good as more common meat rabbits.

Saw your post about coyotes. Don't know what to say that you don't already know. 'Yotes are not a problem for us, but I did lose a bantam hen to a fox, even with dogs roaming the property. Sneaky canids will wait for the right time to strike, but I expect you will have problems eventually. On the bright side (kinda), having coyotes around means you probably don't have any mtn lions near. We stopped hearing the coyotes' nightly yipping about the same time a mountain lion moved in on the hill above our neighborhood.

Pastor must be happy with the rain we've been getting. Yay for puddles and soggy ground!! Take care!

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