SALVATION ARMY to the rescue

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  1. Some of you may/may not be interested in this possible food source thing I stumbled onto. I stopped @ a local Salvation Army store recently, searching for a used flat face pc monitor. No luck! [​IMG] BUT, on the way out the door, I spotted many boxes of fruit & veggies sitting in the lot. FLASH! [​IMG] I zipped back into the store, & upon inquiry, I was told the food was free for the taking. [​IMG] That afternoon, my chickens had a choice of cauliflower, cucumbers, bagged/shredded cabbage, & banana's- - w/o the peeling, of course! If you happen to drive by a Salvation Army store, it just could benefit you to stop & look a moment. [​IMG] My chickens now have free treats for the next week. [​IMG] [​IMG] None of the food was bad, so I left w/two plastic bags of veggies. My birds went bonkers! (I'm still searching for that used monitor) [​IMG]

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    With your bananas, you may want to peel them for the chickens but did you give the peels to them too? When the grandkids eat bananas they love to give the peels to the chickens and the chickens really enjoy them. javascript:insert_text('[​IMG]',%20'');
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    My chickens raid my compost for any veggie peeling or banana peels. I used to keep them out of it but now they do such a good job of turning it that I don't mind them going into it. LOL

  4. Quote:Thought I read somewhere the banana PEEL wasn't good for them? [​IMG] (could I be wrong for the 1st time in my life)?? [​IMG] Perhaps that was potato peels I read about?? (This senility thing can be BAD) [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    Check your local grocery stores for thrown-out produce. Some will allow you to "dumpster-dive", others have a bin in the back room of produce that's too old to sell. Ours goes through the produce on Wednesdays and Fridays. If it looks ok but it's "close-dated" they'll put in on the reduced produce rack. There's a bin in their back room that gets emptied into the dumpster when the store closes, so if I get there before they pitch the food they'll let me box it up for my chickens.
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    we get extras for our chickens also from our local food bank.
    I give them eggs,they give me fruit and vedgies that are not spoiled but getting to old.
    My husband laughs at me as I steam goodies for them...but they love it.
    Might just be me, but I think they enjoy the variety..........
    And.I do not have kids to cook for anymore [​IMG]
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    For what it's worth....

    I can understand AND APPRECIATE taking the "trimmings" and refuse from a disposal area of a Supermarket or Restaurant to feed the "critters".....

    But, I question the "ethics" of taking food from a Salvation Army Store or a Food Bank to feed the "critters".

    Perhaps I misunderstand...but isn't that food there to help hungry PEOPLE ? [​IMG] [​IMG]

    It don't seem RIGHT to me.

    my 2 pesos worth,
    -Junkmanme- [​IMG]

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    Quote:That bothered me also.
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    Me too. Maybe you should talk to the folks there and offer to take any leftovers at the end of the day, once all the humans have had a chance to claim produce, things that would otherwise spoil and have to be thrown away.

    At my house the heirarchy is that food is first for the family. BUT if there is any food not fit for the people, then it can go to the chickens. If it's not fit for the chickens, then it goes into the compost. Any bits that aren't even fit for compost go in the garbage.

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    I know many people down on their luck who would love to have fresh veggies or fruit and while I love my chickens, if it came to feeding them "treats" or giving a hungry person a few bananas, I will opt for the people. The heart was in the right place, but I would have to pass on this one.

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