Sam Elliott does NOT make a good cow...


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Jul 5, 2007
Sevier County, TN
Anyone seen Barnyard?
Heard that sexy, very male voice coming out of a bovine with an UDDER? All the cows in the movie have udders, and they are supposed to be guys. Someone at Nickelodeon needs to GET A CLUE!!!

It's creeping me out, but DH won't change the channel

(sorry. had to vent)
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OK I just heard Sam Elliot the COW singing a Tom Petty song. Until I turned around towards the TV it was pretty cool. Then I realized Petty was performed by a COW. How did they ever get permission for that...
That's soooo funny!!! When I was out of town this past weekend and watching TV at the fleabag motel (
) that cartoon came on and I looked and DH and said "LOOK that male cow has ninnies!!!"
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