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Ole rooster

8 Years
Jun 25, 2011
Milner, Georgia
A quick question here. If a cockerel and a pullet are from the same hatching, are they necessarily brother and sister. How do we know they are form the same mama and papa?
They're not necessarily. Many times different eggs are hatched underneath a broody hen. The eggs sometimes have different parents. Also depending on how old the eggs are the rooster may have been killed and a younger roo could have taken his place. **However, hens can carry the original roo's sperm for a short period.
If you have only one of each and have pure breeds, you may be able to tell. Or if you have a limited number with certain traits, like barring or comb type, you can sometimes get some pretty good information. But with many of our flocks, there is no good way to be sure.
Since hens often like to do communal nesting, it would be difficult to be sure that 2 chicks are actual siblings.

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