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Oct 29, 2018
So I’ve arrived back from my holiday/vacation and I was only gone for three days. Now the other two ducks seem even more unfriendly to the other duck. Our drake used to chase our female duck around if he felt she was getting ‘too much attention’. Now he just chases her around even more and bites her harder for no reason. The other female duck doesn’t bite but they aren’t as friendly. We let our female duck inside so she can get some extra food as the drake can chase her from food sometimes. When we let her in, the other two ducks usually call for her and try to find her. Today they did not, also when the female duck usually goes outside again they usually quack a bit to ‘welcome’ her back but they didn’t. Any reason why this may be?

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Here View attachment 1882881 The female here is the one getting chased and the drake is the duck which is chasing her. These pictures were took a few weeks ago. I don’t have a photo of the other female duck on my phone currently.
She possibly is mature and he is getting high hormones. Or she isn't receptive yet so he chases her.

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