Sand Box nesting!


9 Years
May 7, 2010
I have 3 pullets sharing a coop and oversized community roll away egg nest box. But, my low man on totem pole, EE starts to lay where? In the sand box that is in the run for dust bathing!

I know the RIRs are mean to her and peck her all the time....but will she ever lay in the nest box or should I just make another nesting box just for her in the run?

Also, I do not trust the eggs that I find buried in the damp/wet sand, but am I being overly sensitive here? I would feel bad if I ever made anyone sick from a bad egg.

Well what do you all think??
Yeah Happy Chooks, they have been definitely buried. I have to use my garden cultivator very genly through the sand and wait for the thud of hitting the egg(s). Thank you for your reply. I have been keeping them separated and have thought about cooking them throughly and feeding them back to the girls...but again hesitant....

Anyone else have an opinion on this or an idea on how to fix this?

Thank you for your time and help.

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