sand floor water and ducks?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by mickeymousears, Sep 13, 2011.

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    We are in the process of giving our coop a sand floor however this morning I can see the ducks and water tub are going to be an issue. Is there a waterer that keeps the water inside and not on the sand? Or something I can do to the floor around the waterer so it doesn't destroy the sand?

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    I don't think it is possible for ducks to drink without spilling water. They have to have enough water to wash out their nostrils.
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    Years ago I heard the term, "harness the inevitable." Ducks splash.

    So, I have found that having a large straight-sided stock pot for water greatly - I mean, greatly - reduces splash. But does not eliminate it.

    Another way to greatly reduce splash and slop is to put that stock pot inside something the ducks can walk into, and then put absorbent material under and around the pot inside the watering station. Mine is the lower half of a large plastic dog crate. The ducks step into the crate, drink and splash, and by the time they walk out most of the drips are caught in the sawdust pellets, which get changed as needed - usually after three or four days.

    I have nine runners, and use a five quart stock pot for their overnight water.

    The enriched sawdust then goes onto the compost pile or around the edges of the garden beds.
  4. I found sand to be a good option for drainage! It does get wet but not muddy which I like. On hot days, I will peel the tarp back and allow the sand to dry up. I used a corse sand mix which they also like to eat for grit. I layered gravel down and then landscaping fabric to keep the sand from disapearing into the rocks, and then a layer of sand. So far so good!! [​IMG]

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    How old are your ducks?

    I use dishpans for the older ducks and they can't tip it over. They do get in and splash water but it's not messy (believe it or not). For the ducklings, I use the plastic waterers. There is absolutely NO smell.


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    What works great for ducks is to make a large square from (use green treated 2X4's) and make your frame about 4'x4' then cover with 1"x1" hardware cloth. Then place your water jug in the middle. They will spill, but it usually stays much cleaner with less holes dug by the ducks!!!! Good Luck.

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