Sand Hill: which breeds are best?


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Aug 28, 2011
I have read some comments about the chickens from Sand Hill not always being true to type. I would still like to order from them, but what I would like to know is this: Are there breeds which they carry which are high quality and to the APA standard? Also---> geese, are some of the breeds they carry more true to type than others?

I do realize that they are a 2 person outfit and that you have to be flexible on dates and sometimes to wait a long time for your chicks, and that is all fine with me. But since I am into rare breeds, I do want to ensure that whatever I get is true to type and high quality.
Get them from private breeders that go for the APA goal for their birds. Sandhill said they do not produce SQ or high quality birds, they are mostly "preserving" the breeds by breeding as much as they can and it is up to you to do all the culling. Always order more than you need.

However the American breeds, the RIR, BR, Orpingtons, Minorcas and Leghorns seems to be more typier than ordinary hatchery stock.

If I were you, I would go elsewhere for better stock, less culling and not be restricted to the numbers that you have to order twice or more to get a good number for your stock.
I suppose because of my dairy goat experiences, I don't want to buy from a lot of different people. I tend to buy from a place that is certified as to disease status and then maintain a closed flock (that sounds so strange, I am used to saying "closed herd"). I would rather put in the work of culling (which anyone and everyone who breeds anything at all should do anyway!) on a few breeds than to get a lot of beautiful stuff and have my stock wiped out by some disease. I have been through that with the goats already....
lost thousands of dollars.

I have noticed that Sand Hill specifies some stock as very good quality, others as production, and openly admits which traits they are still working on for other breeds. I admire this kind of honesty...

However---> is disease a big issue with hatching eggs? If not, I could potentially bring in more variety that way.
Maybe I am not asking this the right way...trying again:

Has anyone ordered stock from Sand Hill and been happy with it in regard to the APA standard? Have you shown the stock?

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