Sand in coop and run


Nov 2, 2018
North Alabama
We used this on the floor of our slab in both areas. When we did research to determine our flooring material, it was said that you should clean the sand out once a year. Does anyone have experience with this? Ours has been in there just over a year but we are going to wait until it is a little cooler to replace. We do scoop the droppings out of the sand multiple times a day.
In the coop we have a dropping board below the roost, so not many droppings have hit the sand. Do you think we need to change it out as well?
I am in the same boat. my sands about a year old, Ive added to it, cleaned it daily, sprinkled pdz under it. Now that it is needing a lil more added, I may scoop out whats left under the roosts and put it downstairs where we do deep litter and just put all new under roosts. 1x a year seems adequate.

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