Sandhill Preservation Center Cashed My Check!

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    I've been waiting and waiting, and last night I checked my online banking and Sandhill has cashed the check! According to their site this means I've been setup for my order! YAY!

    It's so hard to buy with a traditional mail in your order kind of system but I had no choice. And now.. success! I managed to get in before it was all sold out!

    Now here's to hoping the weather holds up, and hatches go as planned so I can get my order in early June!
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    They can cash your check but there will be a waiting line so it does not mean you will get it on the date you wanted them to be on.

    One time I had wanted orders in end of march, which they did cashed the check early in the season and I had to wait until fall when they finally got my chicks delivered.

    If they could not deliver the goods at that time, by October when everything is done for the season, they will refund your money back or put you on the next years list.

    Its a waiting game but some folks thinks it is so worth it.
  3. Quote:Thanks Robin,
    Hopefully I'll be able to get my order in June. I checked their website and if I cross reference my check deposit with their last update, unless something happens I should be able to get them at the start of June. With my check cashed they are only up to the 2nd week in June for sold out hatch dates on my Turkeys. And the LF Orps aren't marked sold out at all.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] just gotta wait for my letter and then a few months to hear if it's for sure and then wait for the mail and then wait a few more months for them to start laying and then a few more months so I can breed them.

    Raising poultry sure makes me plan for the future.
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    Cool what did you order?

    I just sent my check to them this morning. I ordered 10 Salmon favorelles and 15 millie fluer leghorns. Going by their website they are availble first part of June so Im hope hope hoping they will get my check soon.
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  5. 13 Jersey Buff Turkeys and 5 Standard White Orpingtons [​IMG]
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    I"ve been debating on getting some of the white orps. Right now I'm saving for the sportsman though so no new chicks.
  7. June 16!

    I got my confirmation today! YAY... how cool is that!

    shortcake1806 if you decide to wait, I'll hopefully have some eggs available a few months after OR keep in touch and if I get an extra roo or somethin' maybe we can get you a pair or trio.

    I'm also looking for a source for eggs or juveniles from another location... so I might have extras this summer. your not so far of a drive from me.

    BY THE WAY... I just took some pics of my mystery chicks and got a good look at some of the feathers coming in , and two of them are BUFF/BLUE! I'm so excited!
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    Please let me know how the orpingtons turn out
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    Hi Dawn, That is great that you have a date for delivery of your chicks. Very exciting. [​IMG]
    By the way your new site is awesome.


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