Saved chicken from Death

This video is a fascinating study of human behavior. Many folks would poo-poo such a notion of rescuing a food animal. Me? I'm like go for it, gal! If this behavior improves your life, improves the animal's life then kudos to you. To me, the act of rescuing a helpless animal is the very thing that makes us humans stand out above the rest. Yeah, some may think it is silly to do such a thing but, hey, people who do such selfless acts are the ones I want to call a friend.
I LOVED that story. I found it right after I rescued my baby girl. And my thoughts are this...just because we eat these animals, doesn't mean their lives up until that point can't be happy and healthy. As for me, I have stopped eating chicken after having one as a pet. For me it would be like choosing which one of my dogs or cats to eat for dinner...the word "chicken" took on a different meaning. I don't how else to explain chicken is my baby, and family member...And unless there's a Zombie apocalypse, I'm not eating my family! Lol

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