Saving a peeper abandon by broody


11 Years
Jun 7, 2008
Scappoose Oregon
My broody has 3 chicks that are already almost a week old. They are all in my big brooder so she more or less stuck with teh eggs still on the nest. This morning my husband found a newly hatched dead chick that looked pecked to death and one egg pipping. He did his best and wrapped the egg in a damp papertowel then set it on top of one of our lizard cages next to a heat lamp. When I got home it was pretty warm and still alive.

I refreshed it's papertowel then put it and the unhatched eggs under a clear glass mixing bowl in the brooder. It's warm and humid under the bowl, plus protected from the broody and older chicks. If it makes it I'll keep it separate for a few days to get it's strength up then try tucking it under the broody at night.

THink my mixing bowl hatcher has a chance?

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