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Oct 20, 2018
Im visiting family in india in a few months, and i need help. i have to drive a while from the airport to get there and i always pass roadside chickens being sold for a few cents. they are dyed neon colors and are so skinny. they have crusty eyes and wet fur. i heard that these are the chickens that people know they cant save. im not sure if i want to bring it back to the U.S because i already have some pets and have a lot of responsibilities. but, im sure that i want to take care of it in india and set it free or something. every single time i buy these chicks they always die the next day. i dont know what to do. i dont know how to help save the chicken and im not sure if i can bring it home.


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I'm pretty sure that you can't bring them back here, not without a lot of paperwork and they need to be health checked. Also, It is cruel, even if you got them healthy, to just turn them loose. I understand how sad it is to see them, but I agree, with Sylvie, if you buy them, you are just encouraging them to breed more sick babies to sell. Just walk away.

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You’d never get them through customs.
You’d be bringing sick animals into a country that could potentially have grave consequences.
My advise....teach.
I’ve talked to a few people from India. To me they are kind people who strike me as very good hearted.
Yet they have very little knowledge of nutritional needs of a chicken.
I know there’s a cultural difference. And for some even a religious difference.
Education is the true answer. Enlighten them with knowledge.
At this point your time is more valuable. Start with your family they in turn can educate and so the cycle can begin. Best wishes

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