Say what you mean and mean what you say, it's dieing?

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  1. What ever happened to that? One of our family members told us "you are the worst parents ever, I hate you and don't want to ever have anything to do with you. i'm an adult now (at 19 LOL) and I can handle myself" a few months ago. Of course that hurts but you just deal with it. Soooooo about a week ago we get an extremely rude email basicly demanding that we help her - drop what you are doing, right now no less. You can only guess about our answer as it can't be posted on this forum. [​IMG] and no help will be forthcoming.

    People are crazy aren't they?


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    Yep....having married into a family of compelte enablers at this age (50ish).....I would suggest to you that you not be an enabler for this family member. I am amazed daily by these people. There are three adult 'kiddies' up here that I do not believe will ever grow up, stand on their own or have any kind of life. I am the zero tollerence person up here and it is funny how mad I make them but how they gravitate to me. Maybe some day this bunch will grow up. Only one of these is a stepkid....the others are his cousins.

    But, yea, people are amazing. You have my vote for doing the right thing!
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  3. She's an adult and as such you are treating her as one and taking her at her word.

    When she decides to make another grown up declaration, an apology perhaps, then you'll also take her at her word.

    Simple enough to me.

    [​IMG] But hugs anyways, moody teens aren't fun... I'm so NOT looking forward to those years... *shudder*

    Edit... before anyone gets their knickers in a twist I'm including myself when I say MOODY teens... granted there were some ... circumstances... but still I know perfectly well I had my mood swings just like everyone else and that my desire to get the heck out from under my mother's thumb lent a hand to some of my decisions... can't complain, quite happy with my life and know I wouldn't be here if I hadn't been that moody person but still, I do recall all too well the swings. [​IMG]
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    My parents always raised me to respect others things and feelings, be respectful and don't open your mouth unless you can back up what comes out of it.....
  5. Quote:No worries about the "moody teen" lol This is a self proclaimed adult. LOL "SPA" that is just to funny. A sincere apology would only be the way to open to door to talk, there is alot of water that passed under that bridge.


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    People talk alot about the terrible twos and the moodiness and hormone swings of puberty/early adolescence, but they never tell you that it repeats again about the time a kid graduates from high school or a bit later. They do grow out of it.
  7. Yup... and that's about the time they start expecting their first kiddo and the real fun begins. [​IMG]
  8. I'm thinking the real fun is just sitting back and watching.

    The one that used to leave every light in the house on all the time and then says one day "I don't understand why my electric bill is so high"

    Groceries are sooooo expensive - well ya, when you only buy boxed and pre made crap.

    Part B on that, come over and raid the garden. ya right.

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    oh boy!!! didnt we all think we knew what we were doing when we were 16 and 18? LMAO

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    My vote is: just keep your ears open for a real and humble yearning for love and forgiveness from this one.

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