Say What?


10 Years
Jan 11, 2010
Went to our 4-H meeting last night and asked one of the other parents if they had heard how the benefit for this family went.
I was told that they had heard that it raised over $15,000. Told them that sounded great.
They then told me that after it was over with the man of the family bought several rounds for everyone at the bar.

My jaw hit the floor.

I have never heard of this happening before. I am stunned that so many people stepped up and donated items for the benefit or donated money and they spend some of this money to buy the local booze hounds drinks!
Their house and pretty much everything they owned was reduced to ashes and they take needed money and buy booze.

I'm just floored.
some people don't know how to say thanks the old fashioned way, like "USING YOUR WORDS" lol.

If he was bad with money before, he will continue to be bad with money. Handing someone 15k does not make them money smart. Maybe the opposite.
I have been involved with several benefits and this is the first one in which booze was bought afterwards.

I love helping people so that is why I was so stunned.

Had a friend end up in ICU last year and I went in and helped at the benefit for him. Both he and his wife stood up and thanked everyone who showed up to help them out. We raised around $22k for him. It all went to the bank. The lady I was helping count the money works for the bank and she took it in.
It is rough to have your gift used in a manner in which you didn't intend it to be spent. Unfortunately when you give a gift you never know for sure how it will be used. Just remember you did the right thing, and that the guy who received the gift didn't do the right thing.

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