Scabby Legs and Dry Combs


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Feb 9, 2011
Leeds, England
Three of my old english game hens have weird horrible scabby legs, does anyone know what it is and what i can do to help them? Also the combs on my white leghorns look a bit dry is that possible and what can i do for that? Cheers
I read a simialr post recently, and although I honestly know nothing about it personally, the responses pointed to an infestation of a form of mites. If it is the mites the scaliness will appear to thicken and grow, people recommended everything from Diatomaceous earth to chemical treatments, if you use a variety of terms such as scaily leggs, mites, mites treatmenst on BYC's search I think you will find more info!

Andy in Fredericksburg
Its probably scaly leg mites, most people will coat the entire legs and feet with vaseline or VetRX some even use kerosene the most important thing is to make sure you cover every inch of exposed skin on their feet and legs.. keep it up until you see all the roughness and scaliness fall off. don't force it off our you might cause bleeding.. I'd check them for other parasites mites and lice and treat them for that too. I would recommend Epernix pour-on for cattle for the external parasites no egg withdrawl.. There is a BYCer who has treated alot of birds for scaly leg mites you might want to PM her and she can give you more info.. All the best and cheers.

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